Green Island Badminton Club

Green Island Badminton Club will be holding the 2022 AGM Monday 11th April from 8:00pm at Sunnyvale Sport Centre. Nets etc will be up so come and have a hit from 7:00pm as usual then take the oppourtunity to have your say on club matters. If you feel you would like to contribute to the team new committee members are always welcome.

Happy New Year/Season to all Members of Green Island Badminton Club

The 2022 season will begin Monday 21st March at Sunnyvale from 7:00pm all welcome returnees and new members alike.

The 2021 AGM of the Green Island Badminton Club will be held Monday 19th April at 8:00pm, at Sunnyvale Sport Centre. All financial and life members are cordially invited to attend, this is your chance to select the 2021 committee and have your say on the annual fees. You may wish to contribute more than just at the AGM, volunteers are always welcome.


Season 2021 of the Green Island Badminton Club

will begin Monday 15th March from 7:00pm at Sunnyvale Sports Centre.

New members always welcome, regulars it is time to blow the dust of your racquets and scare the spiders from your shoes.

John Johnston Memorial Tournament 2020

The second annual John Johnston Memorial Tournament was held Sunday 11th October at the Otago Badminton Centre, Victoria Rd.

This year saw 40 individual entries, including 1 very last-minute entry which required a phone call on Sunday to fill a gap. Once more, partners were drawn at random, mostly mixed, with handicaps ranging from scratch (or 0) to -15 applied. Pairs were then put into groups of 5 and the morning session started around 11:00am. With matches being first to 31, anyone with a handicap of -15 had to score 46 points before their opponents could score what they required. Perhaps only 31! This makes for some serious shot making whilst creating competitive games from what may otherwise be mis-matches. 

When the initial round robin was completed, a break for lunch was greatly appreciated by all. Once more the Otago Juniors (and parents) put on a fabulous spread of food and they earned $247 for their efforts.

There was one minor injury during the day causing one player to withdraw after lunch. Two of the juniors shared the role and played for the affected player in the afternoon matches. These would decide the events winners. Split into boxes of 4 pairs, everyone played another 3 matches carrying through their handicaps. This year sees two new names on the trophy, with Michelle Terris & Dave Richards emerging victorious. 

Both players this year hail from Dunedin, with Dave being a GI club member. Once again thanks to all competitors and helpers, especially the handicappers and tournament organisers. Looking forward next year.

​​​​​​​Please see gallery for photos.


Green Island Badminton Club is delighted to announce the re-commencement of the 2020 season. After only one week of our regular weekly club nights, we like many other clubs, found ourselves having to suspend the season due to covid 19 and lock-down. Now with the relaxed restrictions of level 2, and some new operational procedures, and precautions, we feel it is safe to come out of hiding.

So if you have been feeling a little ‘cabin fever’, or may have been making, and eating, too much baking, dust of your racquet, grab your shoes, and join us at, Sunnyvale from 7:00pm any Monday from June 1st.

So that is the 2019 Season Done & Dusted.

The 2019 Club Champions have been found, and presentations made. All in all, another fun season has come and gone. See you in March 2020 if not before.

On Sunday the 20th October, the inaugural John Johnston Memorial Tournament was held, at Badminton Hall in Victoria Rd, with the generous support of Badminton Otago.

45 Individual entries were received, after randomly drawing partners, a handicap was applied and pairs divided into 4 pools. 45 I hear you ask,1 gent could only play till 1:00pm with another commitment in his afternoon, at which point another gent took over. Matches consisted of 1 game to 31, no setting at 30, and began at 11:00am. With a break for lunch around 1:00pm, by which time all pools had completed their round robin matches.

Lunch was superb, provided by some Junior girls and their Mum’s, raising funds for the girls to attend Brooke Cup.

 Play resumed after lunch, with pool winners playing each other, 2’s, 3’s etc doing the same. Sharon Miller from Southland and Blair Middlemass from Oamaru emerged as the inaugural winners, of what we hope will continue to be such a well-supported tournament for many years to come. At the end of day many a comment was made on what a fun day it had been, evidence of which can be seen in our websites Gallery, see you all again in 2020!

South Island Inter-Association Veterans Teams 2019

Timaru August 24-25

Green Island Badminton Club once more contributed players to the annual Vets Tourny in Timas, this year Deidre played in Otago 2 in Div 1, with Wayne Mansfield in Otago 1 also in Div 1. Otago 2 finished second, beaten only by Nelson, and Otago 1 finished 4th.

Meanwhile 4 more GI’s represented Otago 3 in Div 3, Allison Robinson, Ken Lawson, Ah-Lek Tay, and David Laney.

Div 3 was this year split into two pools due to having 6 teams entered, 3 Southland, 1 South Canterbury, 1 Otago, and for the first time 1 South Otago with one more GI in the form of Dave Richards. 2 preliminary ties were played by all teams on Saturday, with every team having at least 1 bye. Otago 3 started with a bye, only playing their first tie at 12.30pm, and second at 3.00pm. The Sunday saw the crossover ties were teams played the team from the other pool that finished where they did, i.e. 1 played 1, 2 played 2 etc. This saw Otago 3 playing Southland 2 for overall win, with Otago 3 emerging victorious and earning promotion to Div2 for next year Whoo hoo!

Bring on next year!

Green Island Badminton Club

Club Championships – 2019

  1. Held over 5-6 weeks at the Sunnyvale Sports Stadium from 9th September
  2. Games to be the best of 3 to 21 for all games – using the current International Scoring System
  3. Anyone absent on the Night when required for Competition, will be immediately withdrawn from that Competition – unless reasonable advice has been received by the organisers.  (It is at their discretion whether or not a player is withdrawn from the competition)
  4. As far as possible all Men’s and Ladies Doubles will be played on one night – up to and including the Semi-Finals
  5. As far as possible all Singles will be played on one night – up to and including the Semi-Finals
  6. The Mixed Doubles will be played over several nights – up to and including the Semi-Finals
  7. All Finals (and possibly some Semi-Finals) will played on the ‘Finals Night’
  8. In selecting partners for the Doubles Competition, the selectors will place all names into a ‘hat’ – and proceed to ‘pull’ 2 names from the ‘hat’.  These players will pair up for the Doubles Competition. Once all players have been selected, the top 4 pairings will be seeded
  9. In selecting partners for the Mixed Doubles Competition, all Men will be place in one ‘hat’ and the ladies in another ‘hat’. One player from each ‘hat’ will be drawn to play together in the Mixed Doubles Competition.  As far as possible the top 4 pairings will be seeded
  10. Because there are more Men than Ladies, losing Ladies from the first round of Competition will get the chance to play again with the next available Man – drawn at random from the ‘hat’.  This will continue until all Men entered for the competition have been drawn
  11. The Singles Competition will be played in one grade.  The top 4 players in the Men’s and Ladies’ draws will be seeded
  12. The Draw for each Competition will be posted on the Notice-board
  13. Junior Competitions will be sorted to best fit the available Junior Players.  This may mean playing only 1 Singles Competition and mixing Boys with Girls, and similarly it may mean playing only one Doubles Competition – mixing all Junior Players together
  14. Competition in 2019 will commence on Monday 9th September – and continue on the following Monday nights till completed.  The Competition should be completed by Mon 14th October.
  15. Notices calling for Entries to each Competition will be called for – with a Notice being placed on the table on Monday evenings.

On Saturday 1st September 2018, 3 Green Island Masters age players went to Oamaru for a Fun Masters Tournament, the aim of which was to raise some funds towards upgrading the lighting, the Oamaru club having recently re-roofed the hall. Dave Richards, Meegan Philpott and David Laney, were joined by felow Dunedites Klare Soo, Bronwyn Bennington, Nang Lee, Marie Hemmingway from Arrowtown was there also. As part of the fun participants were asked to be in "Fancy Dress" for the first game of their match, and some really went to town, see photos in gallery, folder 2018 (there is a sneak peek in the slideshow to the right). A few hardy, or was that fool hardy souls staying in character all day. The matches began with doubles followed by a barbequed lunch, and mixed doubles in the afternoon, sweet treats via Rainbow Confectionery were available all day for sustained engery. Dave and partner Nang won the Mens Doubles and all others had some wins, and many laughs. All in all a great day out playing baddy, looking forward to next year so I can attempt to extend my paper plane flight record.

Cheers David Laney


The 2017 Club Champions were decided Monday 25 August with 5 finals being completed at Sunnyvale. The first three matches were concluded in two games, with the last two going to three games.

First up match was mixed doubles with Ken Lawson & Shirley Coster facing last year’s champs, Glenn Forrester & Victoria Botting, with Glenn & Victoria winning 21-16, 21-17.

Ladies singles was being played on the court next door with Clare Thompson challenging Deidre Blair for her crown, pushing her very hard in the first game, before Deidre found her stride in game two, winning 21-18, 21-4.

Men’s singles were a family affair with son, Josh Forrester meeting his mentor (and father) Glenn Forrester. The result being a changing of the guard with a new Forrester name shortly to be engraved on the Men’s Singles trophy, Josh emerging victorious 21-11, 21-17.

Meanwhile on the adjacent court Ladies Doubles Champs were being decided over three matches with Clare Thompson & Shirley Coster playing Meegan Philpott & Allison Robinson, with Clare & Shirley staging a comeback from 1 game down to win 18-21, 21-12, 21-15.

Last but not least was Men’s Doubles with Glenn Forrester (in his third final) and David Laney meeting Ken Lawson & Murray Hewer, in another best of three match. After losing the first, Glenn and David emerged winners 19-21, 21-15, 21-11.

Thanks to all who helped with the draw’s, umpiring and lines person duties, but mostly to the players without whom I would have nothing to write about here.


2017 Masters Teams Tournament Timaru June 3-4-5

Green Island was once more well represetned at this tournament with 8 players representing Otago across two Div 2 teams, 2 players representing Marlborough in Div 2, and 1 more for South Otago in Div 3. The two Otago Div 2 teams met first round, "Team Speights" V "Team Emmersons", an almighty clash that saw "Team Emmersons" emerge victorious by 1 game, after the tie finished 6 matches all. "Team Speights" went on to finish third, after also losing to Marlborough 1 (who had come down from Div 1), "Team Emmerosns" which included (in no particular order), Deidre Blair, Shirley Coster, John Johnston, and Mark Grellet, went on to win Div 2 undefeated, thus earning promotion to Div 1 next time. For the record Otago 1 finished second in Div 1 behind Canterbury 1, and Div 3 was won by Canterbury 3, earning them promotion to Div 2 next year. All in all a great time was had by all and next year is already being looked forward to.

2017 Shuttlecock Rally

Sunday 23rd April saw 25 people gather at Sunnyvale for the start of our Sunday Drive. This year saw many familiar faces, along with 10 first-timers, this was very gratifying for the route planner, I hope everyone had as much fun as I did.

Seven teams headed out onto the Taieri Plains, down SH1 then via Henley, whom the youngest would not be aware was once SH1, and now is a sleep little backroad most used by locals or fishermen. Then across the Taieri plains to Outram via little used roads, along the base of the hills, onto Three Mile Hill, down Stuart St, into town, and finishing at Nectar Espresso Bar & Café, in Princes St, where everyone seemed to enjoy a lovely lunch. The observational quiz was this year won by Team Philpott in a tie-breaker, after at least three teams finished with a perfect score, (maybe the questions need to be tougher!)

Thank you to those who participated, I hope to see you again next year!



The 2016 season is finished, concluded with the annual club champs, and this year a very sucessful 60th Jubilee (for more on that see 60th Jubilee page).

This year's champs were held at two venues, Men's and Ladies Doubles at Sunnyvale, Men's Singles, Ladies Singles, and Mixed Doubles held at Badminton Hall (Angus Centre) on October 15th as part of Jubilee celebrations. Men's Doubles won by Wayne Mansfeild and Glenn Forrester over John Johnston and Dave Richards, the Ladies Doubles were won By Diane Willis & Deidre Blair over Shirley Coster and Allison Robinson. Ladies Singles went to Deidre Blair defeating Victoria Botting 21-12, 21-15, Men's Singles was won by Glenn Forrester defeating John Johnston 21-9, 21-16, with Mixed Doubles being won by Victoria Botting and Glenn Forrester over Allison Robinson and Wayne Mansfeild 19-21, 21-13, 22-20, making a for an exciting finish to finals day at the Badminton Hall.

Thanks to all who helped make 2016 a sucessful, enjoyable season, hoping to see you all next year, wishing you all a very Merry Xmas and great New Year!

15 GI’s at SI Masters Teams Tourney

Over Queens Birthday Weekend, 15 Green Island Badminton players represented 4 Associations, at The South Island Masters Teams Tournament, in Timaru.

3 turning out for South Otago, 1 for her home province South Canterbury, 1 on loan to Canterbury, and 10 for Otago. As you can see from the photo taken just before the last days play, everyone had a ball, on and off the courts.

It was a very successful Tournament for Otago with Team 3 winning Div3 and gaining promotion to Div2 next year, Team 2 finishing second in Div2, and Team 1 winning Div1. All three teams having a Green Island presence is a huge feather in the clubs cap, with Team 3 having no fewer than 8 players from Green Island Badminton Club, see photo below.

Congratulations to all involved, and thank you on behalf of The Green Island Badminton Club.

Special thanks must go out to the South Canterbury Association for their splendid hosting,

 and to Ah-Lek Tay and Bronwyn Bennington for organising the Otago contingent.

Bring on 2017!