Green Island Badminton Club

Badminton is a great sport to play as it caters to people of all abilities and fitness levels. It doesn't require the upper body strength that tennis does and isn't as rough on the body as squash, while still providing a good opportunity to have fun and work up a sweat! It's an indoor sport so it can be played irrespective of weather and it is generally a lot cheaper than other sports.

Why Should You Join Green Island Badminton Club?

1) We are now the best club and we have achieved this by attempting at all times to ensure members get the best value out of their membership since being established in 1956.

2) We will ensure that you are made aware of the opportunities to participate in Interclub Competitions and Club Activities held throughout the year.

3) We are able to assist with coaching at Beginner, Junior and Senior levels.

4) We can offer members opportunities to obtain coaching and umpiring certifications.

5) We do our utmost to look after the Badminton Interests of our Members.

6) We provide Annual Club Championships, where trophies, cups, & certificates are awarded.

7) We provide Club Social Activities, some of which involve interaction with other Clubs.